Wendy-Lady’s Adventure

In every parents life there are those moments when you get to step back and be the observer of your children.  This is a privilege of parenthood.  Whether they are 4 or 24, the adventure of who they are unfolds in front of you and reminds you of the fact that you have been a part of this beautiful process of bringing someone you love into this world and holding their hand along their journey until they can navigate that path on their own. 
Out of that innocent shadow of childhood and into the brightness of who they are, as a parent, we get to guide, cheer, and love them into their own light.
My oldest daughter, Dani, has been standing in her own light for a few years now and is seeing her path more clearly every day. 

 I was so fortunate to get to spend some time recently with her while she was working on a film project.  Every time we get to steal a few minutes together, I feel like I learn so much more about the beautiful young lady she is.  (Wendy-lady to the lost boys, even ;-)

It was an honor and a joy to get to take some pictures of her while she was at work.  And it was an even greater joy to get to spend a few hours watching her adventure continue to unfold.  Second star to the right, and straight on til morning my wendy-lady! Oh, and don’t worry, Nana’s got your back! ;-)
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