Jalen & Abbi

Take a beautiful little girl (Abbi), her handsome brother (Jalen), their “magical” back yard, and a couple of cameras, blend them all together and “Voila!” you have one of the most fun and heartwarming afternoons you could ever ask for.
The drizzle didn’t stop a single moment of the fun.


 And Jalen didn’t let the wet weather stop him from flying.

 Secrets were shared….

 And Wet Willys were given (in honor of Pops).

Books were read and thoroughly enjoyed.

But mostly, this brother and sister opened up their little corner of this big old world and made us feel right at home. Thank you to Abbi and Jalen for giving us an afternoon that will be forever tucked away under our best-memories-of-all-time.  (Thank you to Amy and Jamie too!)